Our Path to Sustainable Housing

Who We Are

While perfecting the development of our Compassion Shelters’ building designs over the last 10 years, our eyes were opened to countless cases of people everywhere without proper shelter. Our hearts were filled with a need to help provide sustainable housing for them. After prayerful contemplation, Kevin and Jason Kvols and their families decided to heed the call to share the kingdom of God with these needy people. They formed a new non-profit in Colorado for this urgent purpose. By providing the means for creating reliable shelter for those without, hope can flourish among these communities.


Making Sustainable Housing Possible

The technology behind this sheltering system was derived from our expertise SnapCrate, a reusable shipping crate. We manufactured robust knock-down clip-together shipping crates for customers all over the world. With some engineering changes, we have modified our patented system for use in our shelters. Each of these shelters has the ability to ship flat, and set up in a short amount of time, clipping together without tools!


The core values of this non-profit appear in its mission and vision statements:

Our Mission: The mission of Compassion Shelters is to share the kingdom of God by providing sustainable housing to His people throughout the world.

Our Vision: After the initial sheltering need is met, we will empower recipients of these shelters with the knowledge, tools, and designs to manufacture the same sustainable shelters in their own community. Our desire is to support the local economy whenever possible by utilizing local labor and materials. We will provide expertly-trained instructors to educate and supervise locals on the manufacturing process. This holistic approach to Housing His People supplies the body, mind and spirit with a sense of purpose and peace, and renews hope.

Our company is lead and directed by God. We have in front of what we are doing, at the core of our business and rely on Him for everything.

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