Climatic Adaptability

With many different climates around the world, we needed a panel construction that provided climatic adaptability.

Collaboration with many different companies resulted in the need for a panel that could provide climatic adaptability. This ranges from offering insulation to situations where insulation was not a concern. From harshly cold environments to tropical environments, we needed a solution that could handle all extremes.

Base camp cabin climatic adaptabilityOur panels are made like an sandwich, with two skins on the outside and a middle core. If extreme temperatures is a concern, we use an insulating foam core. With this option, we can offer a shelter with R13 insulation properties. If insulation is not a concern, we use a different core that still provides strength and durability to the panel. The other hurdle in developing a panel with climatic adaptability were the skins. We offer a variety of skins that can be paired with either core. These skins include exterior grade plywood, composites, recycled PVC or other options. Depending on the moisture levels in the environment and the application of the shelter, we change our skin to accommodate a variety of climatic attributes.

For more technical analysis of our wall panel properties, please download and read the Snow Load Analysis and Wind load analysis reports below. They were independently produced by MINDStudios at UCCS.

snow load analysis

Download the Snow Load Analysis report produced by MINDStudios at UCCS

wind load analysis

Download the Wind Load Analysis report produced by MINDStudios at UCCS