Our Shelter System

Compassion Shelters has spent the last 10 years working on product development to find the perfect housing solution for a variety of situations. We saw the need for shelters that go beyond the use of tents, and that are climatically and culturally adaptable both domestically and internationally. Through the last decade our product development has ranged from designing equipment that furthered production efficiencies, to listening to what was needed in the world. As a result, with much thought and prayer, we have developed a shelter system that we believe could be the answer.

crate technology adapted to shelter system

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This shelter system design uses our patented clip-together technology. The technology lets us build shelters that are structurally sound, efficient, and reusable. From production to the finished product, we focus on aspects like a low carbon footprint, environmentally safe materials, and safety for the people that use them. Our system is also modular, using only 4 different sizes of panels that clip together. This makes it easy to add to or take away from the shelter's footprint. These shelters can be set up by two people in about an hour and requires NO tools. They disassemble as easily as they assemble, returning the shelter to a flat pack product for space-efficient storing in preparation for the next need.

By listening to the needs of communities near and far, we designed a shelter system that could be used in many applications including homeless persons, refugees, and solutions for developing countries/economies. Whether it becomes a new home for someone in a developing country, or acts as transitional housing for homeless or refugees, we have engineered shelters with durability and many of the common comforts to allow them to serve as a home.

Our shelter system is the backbone of our campus project called the Landing Zone. Click for more info.