The Landing Zone

The Landing Zone is another of our projects that inspires passion in what we do.

This project uses our sheltering system throughout a campus plan. The following video describes The Landing Zone. Whether we are working with refugees, homeless, or developing countries, this solution can adapt and scale to fit all needs.

Landing Zone In America

The Landing Zone would be a great fit for homeless situation as well as refugee settlement here in America.

In the photo to the right, you see the Landing Zone plan is based on a center hub building. This center hub becomes a resource to the residents of this community. It contains services such as food courts, job placement, chapel, clothing rentals, resources for job placement and learning interview skills, and more. This can really be a place for them to get back on their feet.

This concept is not a permanent installation, but rather a transitional housing solution. The out buildings would be made from our shelters, providing a place for the occupants to stay for the night, or “A Bed for Every Head”. One of the key attributes is that once manufacturing is complete, we are able to set up the campus in seven days. From start to finish, this campus is a full turn key. From showers and bathrooms, to food courts, counseling, and onsite waste processing, this campus contains it all.

Job Creation

The center building, containing all that was listed above and mentioned in the video will also double as a manufacturing facility. The manufacturing, managed by Compassion Shelters, will give the residents an opportunity to work, learn how to build these shelters, and, in turn, grow the campus. By putting people to work, we are creating a campus that is sustainable as well instilling a sense of purpose in people.

Landing Zone aerial view

Download: Project Vet Safe

Download a PDF copy of the "Project Vet Safe" Landing Zone overview

Download: A Bed for Every Head

Download a PDF copy of the "A Bed For Every Head" Landing Zone overview

Landing Zone In Developing Countries

During the last year, we have improved and altered our design and manufacturing process. We can now accommodate a partially automated manufacturing plant in the USA. We also have the ability to manufacture remotely using manual labor in lieu of expense equipment, without sacrificing quality. Our dream is to train persons here in the US how to use the manual equipment and then send them on mission trips to train locals in developing countries how to build these shelters.

Once overseas, the center hub building of the Landing Zone will become an onsite manufacturing facility. We will provide a few samples of shelters to the locals. These shelters will be adapted to accommodate the culture and climate of the location. Once the manufacturing plant is set up, we provide the knowledge and tools to the locals to build these shelters themselves.

A few houses soon become a community, where jobs are created, hope is restored, and the Kingdom of God is shared.

See our blog for our current international outreach with the Australian Salvation Army and the country of Papua-New Guinea.